I’ve been made available Haitian gospel songs for all people around the world since 2013. Never asked for a dime or anything because I knew Gospel is free to share and worship for all. But maintaining such gigantic site costs a lot money you ever think of, and thousands of visitors search Haitianview every day for worship, that add up to my increasing bills.

When I build this site, I asked Lord, no matter what happen down the road, to keep blessing me financially just to keep the site alive. Do you know I typed in word by words all the Haitian gospel book (not copy & paste), sometimes I did 1 or 2 songs a day for years and you have to adapt with the modern creole. Haitianview is the only site that reflects the modern creole language out there.

Do you know this site is not only for Haitians? Yes, French speaking Christians worship with us as well, so asking for money is not in my DNA. I hate when other people doing it. I’m not comfortable with this notion. No one asking me to do this, so it’s my own business to do it for God.

Let me be clear, this donation page is not asking for money or anything but to let you know these are some of the costs of maintaining the most beautiful user friendly gospel sites in the world (Bandwidths, Hosting, Servers, Storage, Plugins, Themes, website builders, Time consuming, etc…)

As a matter of fact, donate is voluntary, so it’s up to you to find if it’s necessary to help spread the gospel all over the world.

You can use one of these type donations below:

  1. Credit or Debit Card
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  6. Money Order
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Simply fill out this form and let me know which your preference payment type, and I’ll send all the info you’ll need to send your donation. Thank you in advance.

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